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How to Sky Rocket Your Self Confidence in Less Than 30 minutes!

Why is it that becoming a mum can make you feel like you are running around in circles doing the same thing every day, keeping your family and others afloat and only just keeping your head above water? At the same time, you yearn to do something else but don’t have the confidence like those around you appear to have. You lack the belief in yourself to make some positive changes in your life and you feel a sense of fear and guilt.

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I have had my fair share of guilt gremlins and rock-bottom confidence levels during my early years of motherhood, just after giving birth to my second daughter I thought it was SO easy the first time around, we’d try for a second. Well…that’s when our life turned upside down. Our second didn’t play by the same baby rule book, so everything seemed much harder and more exhausting and without me realising it, I blamed our baby’s erratic sleep patterns on my husband, I blamed my tiredness on my husband, in fact…I blamed EVERYTHING on him and so our relationship started to suffer.

While we lived out our days reliving the same merry-go-round of flat-out exhaustion, I started to think I wasn’t made out for motherhood. I thought of myself as basically a shit mum and my level of self-worth just dropped below zero. This impacted so many other things in my life such as going back to work and I couldn’t make that work anymore and had to leave. This smacked my confidence straight in the face and it seemed to affect everything like a domino effect…what I thought about me, what I thought about my kids, what I thought about my husband, what I thought my strengths, my self-worth and what I thought my future. My anxiety was through the roof!

No one showed me what I needed to do to get out of this situation and the doctor only wanted to help me by giving my anti-depressants, but this brought a whole new bunch of problems like not taking away my ability to not care about anything, not even myself.

  • Does this sound familiar?
  • Is your lack of confidence holding you back from doing or getting what YOU want out of life?

  • Do you wonder how others seem so confident when you struggle with your internal doubts and fears?

Well, in my 25 minute webinar, I share with you my life-changing 3 secrets that helped ME turn my life around 180 degrees and sky-rocketed my self-confidence and I promise to do this for you in LESS than 30 minutes and I’ve included some great downloadable freebies to help you as you watch too!

  • How to beef up your self-esteem in the quickest time ever

  • How to fight off your limiting beliefs like a ninja without leaving your living room

  • How to kick-start your motivation without spending any money

Now, If that wasn’t enough, I have an exclusive gift for you too…for everyone that stays to the end of my webinar, I have created something VERY special for you, so grab this opportunity because there are only a limited number of slots for this webinar! 

Book your slot NOW and I’ll see YOU on the other side!

List of downloadable freebies to accompany Webinar:


  • My 61 Hobbies List

  • Ninja Beliefs 3-Step Process

  • Compliments Sheet

  • Minimise Your Morning Mayhem


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