Inspiring Mums with Essential Tools & Resources

I have provided you with confidence and inspiration in these tools and resources below.  My workshops, book and free downloads have already helped so many women achieve their dreams whether it’s following their career goals, conquering their anxiety or creating a plan that is fit for purpose.

Embarking on a new transition in your life can seem scary – but it really doesn’t have to be that way.  As a mum, you already gained unbeatable skills and talents  that transferrable and with help and support in these resources, you can create your very own roadmap for readiness in your life and in your work!

Embrace Failure & Kickstart Your Career

Making decisions about your work goals is tough. You can often feel overwhelmed, unsure and scared of making the wrong decision or that it may fail.
Wouldn’t it amazing if you could feel in control and happy with your decision and not scared of a potential failure, but see it as a learning curve and use that as opportunity to re-evaluate and come back stronger.
My 8-day Embrace Failure & Kickstart Your Career Online Workshop will show you how you can feel like that and equip you to make those decisions that you once thought were scary.
Imagine it…not feeling scared and achieving your career goals!

The Ultimate Anxiety Breakthrough Bible

Anxiety can make you feel stressed, helpless, overwhelmed and trapped.  Your mind creates al sorts of disastrous ‘what if’ thoughts and this can stop you from doing anything to help yourself.
Imagine being able to get back in control of your thoughts so you can enjoy life again!  I give you proven cognitive behavioural therapy techniques (CBT) which will give you effective ways to change your thought patterns.
I have created this with a problem-specific, goal-oriented book that needs your active involvement to work,  It focuses on your present-day struggles with anxiety and your exhausting thoughts and negative behaviours and includes templates and planners for you to print out and use.


Look at what these women had to say…

As a Mum, I have been feeling really anxious about going back to work after my maternity leave and not feeling like I wanted to return to the same place. The 8-day Embrace Failure challenge gave me the confidence to seek out alternative employment in an industry that I’ve always wanted to go into but have never had the balls!  Not only is the daily content really insightful but having the challenge worksheets printed out mean I can revisit the strategies I’ve learnt and put them into practice whenever I want. Thank you!

Sarah Whelan

At last – a book for all of us mums who struggle every day, not knowing if we will make it through the guilt trip of needing or wanting a work life as well. A short, but undoubtedly necessary, tool for those seeking help and reassurance.  It is so encouraging to know that this is written by someone who, not only can sympathise with all the problems that motherhood brings, but can properly empathise as she has been there, done it and has the T shirt!  Julie is an inspiration to all those mothers who have doubts about their ability to be a good mother and be able to successfully juggle work around a calm home life..”

Sandra Bagley

“I completed the 8-day Embrace Failure challenge online and it was a real learning curve for me!  Julie taught me that the only way to learn to take risks is to change my mindset around failure and success.  The downloadable workbook which accompanies this online workshop is really helpful teaching aid and I love how she offers us the opportunity to practice failure in a safe environment with a real-life scenario.  This is a must for anyone who wants to move forward their career or business and has that worrying voice in the back of the heads telling them it will fail.

Isabella Harper

I bought this book BECAUSE I’m a mum and I can’t tell you how much anxiety p1sses me off. I didn’t want a book explaining the whys of anxiety…what I was looking for was the techniques that actually work to help me sort out my thoughts and stop trying to be the perfect mother all the time.  That’s exactly what I got.  It’s presented in easy-to-understand language and I love that it’s written for mums because I sometimes feel like I’m going through this on my own, but this book reminded me I’m not alone.  I have already kickstarted not people-pleasing anymore with the help of the activities in this book and it feels liberating!  Great book!.”

Stephanie Morgan

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