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Mentoring for gutsy mums

who want to grab their lives back by the balls!

Success Stories…

“Julie is a breath of fresh air in today’s world. She’s like your own personal cheerleader, her passion, knowledge and ability to truly listen means she’s able to give you absolute clarity on what you want to achieve.

Julie will get the heart of the matter so you can find out who you are, what your blocks are and become who you were meant to be. Her nature makes it possible for her to establish strong rapport with whomever she crosses paths with and I highly recommend Julie for anyone who struggles with self-belief or self-esteem.”


~ Clare T.

“During the time that I have known Julie, she has been a very good friend, adviser and a rock to me. Since my relationship breakdown, Julie has helped me re-discover my confidence, identify my strengths and address my weaknesses which has helped massively with my self-esteem and had a positive impact on my life and general mental health.

Julie helped me with her positivity and advice and I could not recommend anyone more than Julie to help if you need that boost to aim higher in any aspect of your life and I am privileged by her presence.”

– Stef P.

“Before I met Julie, I was stuck in what I was doing.  I felt like I was failing in my job but I couldn’t see a way out and so I was just going round in circles, making myself ill and as time went on, it started to affect my relationships with my husband, my children and with myself.   I could see how others could live happy, fulfilling lives, but I couldn’t make it happen for myself.

Julie gave me the inspiration and encouragement to empower myself to explore the possibility of taking my career down another road and the confirmation that I can make it work.  I hadn’t realized until I met Julie, but I had also forgotten how to enjoy myself and even forgotten how to laugh.  I now have a a more exciting timeline that I have the courage to explore fully as I Julie helped me see my future with fresh sparkly eyes.”

– Kelly W.

“When I first talked to Julie, I could tell right away how empathetic and caring she is. Upon our conversations, I felt comforted and stronger due to the positive and empowering words she expressed towards my situation.

Julie has an impact on the way I deal with life’s struggles and tackling issues relating to anxiety. I felt so comfortable sharing my feelings with her and I know now that whenever I am need of some help to see a different perspective, Julie is the person I can count on because she is so understanding, inspiring and incredibly wise. Julie is an amazing lady!.”

– Julie N.

Julie Hartell. A few words come to mind. She’s beautiful (Inside and out).

She’s the type of person with bundles of energy that you just can’t help but notice and admire.  From the moment you meet her, she lights up the room.  Julie is 100% the real deal!  She’s down to earth and holds nothing back which makes her even more special.

I went through open heart surgery before the age of 40 and Julie was there for me every step of the way.  It was like having my best friend in my pocket.  I watched her motivational videos daily and she kept my spirits up even though she made me ribs hurt from laughing.  She’s went above and beyond and I hope she is always in my life.

Julie pushed me to feel more relaxed and showed me there is ALWAYS light at the end of the tunnel. No matter how long or treacherous that journey is. SHE is amazing. SHE is inspiring.  I feel so lucky that I have Julie in my life, because to know her, means my life is more positively enriched.


 – Nicola D.

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