Reignited & Returning 3-Month Mentoring Program

I lived through the challenging scenarios when returning to work – the dreaded sleep deprivation can fuel your exhaustion, guilt, anxiety and when you add a dose of doubt into the mix, it’s a recipe for causing havoc with your hormones!  So let’s unlock more confidence and belief in yourself so you can stride back into work with an overwhelming sense of self-assurance allowing you to achieve your career and life goals with conviction and certainty.

Whether you want a complete career change or a more subtle change in direction, my 3-month bespoke mentoring program will help you ​to identify and navigate your new path with my full support whilst on your journey of discovery.

You’ll have total clarity with where you’re headed with a well-needed boost to your confidence and the result will be your very own killer return to work or career change action plan detailing how to make your career goals actually happen.

This Is For You If…

You feel overwhelmed, unprepared, scared and anxious about your transition from motherhood to working mother.

You want to get crystal clear on what you want and how you want it to work.

You are committed to work to reach your goals and aspirations.

You want support, accountability, and guidance with someone who knows what’s in your head!

You want the mental tools to succeed.

You are serious and ready to invest £827 for this program.


Look at what these women had to say…

As a Mum, I have been feeling really anxious about going back to work after my maternity leave and not feeling like I wanted to return to the same place. The 8-day Embrace Failure challenge gave me the confidence to seek out alternative employment in an industry that I’ve always wanted to go into but have never had the balls!  Not only is the daily content really insightful but having the challenge worksheets printed out mean I can revisit the strategies I’ve learnt and put them into practice whenever I want. Thank you!

Sarah Whelan

I bought this book BECAUSE I’m a mum and I can’t tell you how much anxiety p1sses me off. I didn’t want a book explaining the whys of anxiety…what I was looking for was the techniques that actually work to help me sort out my thoughts and stop trying to be the perfect mother all the time.  That’s exactly what I got.  It’s presented in easy-to-understand language and I love that it’s written for mums because I sometimes feel like I’m going through this on my own, but this book reminded me I’m not alone.  I have already kickstarted not people-pleasing anymore with the help of the activities in this book and it feels liberating!  Great book!.”

Stephanie Morgan

What is The Process Like?

I won’t beat around the bush here, mentoring is like being able to go to the bathroom, alone, without a small child in the same room or calling your name!  I mean…when does THAT ever happen??  Mentoring is YOU time.  Thirteen uninterrupted, blissful online sessions in which we’ll focus on just YOU and yes, I know that concept seems pretty weird or damn near impossible, but that’s what we’ll be doing.

I’ll take time to really listen to all the stuff that’s whizzing around in your head, your worries, thoughts and feelings.  Basically, we’ll get to grips with your ‘mindset gremlins’ and with your desire and motivation for taking back control, mentoring will help you combat those cunning little gremlins, keep you focused and on track!

So, are YOU ready to sky-rocket your self-belief and self-confidence and create a killer return-to-work action plan?


Week 1 – 120 Minutes Session – This initial session is designed to gain a deeper clarity with what you want your life in work and at home to look like and to gain a clear picture of your challenges, so that you can then take the best course of action and start to map out a road to readiness for yourself.

Week 2 – 30 Minutes Session – Catch-up Call

Week 3 – 30 Minutes Session – Catch-up Call

Week 4 – 30 Minutes Session – Catch-up Call



Week 5 – 60 Minutes Session – A review of month one and a deeper dive into your biggest obstacles and challenges.

Week 6 – 30 Minutes Session – Catch-up Call

Week 7 – 30 Minutes Session – Catch-up Call

Week 8 – 30 Minutes Session – Catch-up Call


Week 9 – 60 Minutes Session – Understand what drives you and the implications of this on your behaviour, communication, relationships and work style.

Week 10 – 30 Minutes Session – Catch-up Call

Week 11 – 30 Minutes Session – Catch-up Call

Week 12 – 30 Minutes Session – Catch-up Call

Week 13 – 60 Minutes Session – An opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate your achievements, refuel your enthusiasm tank and be the AWESOME MOTHER you are, who is now working it and balancing the roles and responsibilities, at work AND at home.


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