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I’m Julie hartell

1:1 Private Mentor & Keynote Speaker

Julie transforms mothers who are committed to embrace their full potential and to thrive in their career and personal life by improving their confidence, reclaim their identities with more impact, influence and importance.

1:1 Private Mentoring

The 1:1 private mentoring 3-month program offers you the opportunity to worth with Julie Hartell, a mother of 2 children who struggled herself with her transition back into the workplace.  Julie understands the challenging scenarios you’re faced with when you are seeking to return to work and shows you how to unlock more confidence in yourself so you can start achieving your career and life goals without the exhaustion, guilt and anxiety.

Keynote Speaking

Julie Hartell talks with a powerful raw honesty about her experience as a mother returning to her workplace after having children.  Her uncompromising portrait of her internal struggles hidden behind a gritted teeth smile gives an emotional insight into the compelling, yet sometimes chaotic mind of a normal mother struggling to find her place and her identity again in the workplace.


Identity & Image

When you embrace motherhood, it is normal to feel like you’ve lost a sense of who you are.  This is similar to the grieving process when you lose a loved one. The first stage is denial, then anger and finally frustration.  You are relentlessly caring for others and not yourself, so really motherhood should be called ‘otherhood’ because you put yourself last on the list. 

You can feel stuck in an IDENTITY crisis, longing for the ‘old you’, unable to recall who is the ‘old you’ or who the ‘new you’ should be.

I help you to fight off the unwanted feelings of doubt, failure and anxiety creeping in, show you how to ignore that little voice telling you that you’re not good enough so your IMAGE of yourself doesn’t become warped.  With my help, I listen to who it is you want to be before you go on a process of self-discovery, to create the new you, as well as remaining ‘Mum’, but to reignite the TRUE YOU.


Vision & Purpose

Having a vision is a lot like creating a shopping list.  You decide ahead of time what you want so that as you wander through the years, you only add things to your life that match your ‘shopping list for life.’  Allowing yourself to have a VISION will help you to make wise decisions that benefit you and your family, so I help you to put yourself first and take the opportunity to think about your vision and not get distracted by the day to day ‘stuff’ going on around you. 

Do you struggle with feeling like your children, as much as you love them unconditionally, are not your prime purpose in life?  Do you feel as if your role as a mother is what defines you right now but deep down you don’t feel this is your PURPOSE?

So, by helping you to define a new VISION of you, this becomes your PURPOSE, focussing on your goals and your future aspirations, resulting in making you feel uplifted, inspired and excited for your future.


Confidence & Self-Worth

Are you on a SELF-ESTEEM rollercoaster? Leaving your children to return to work can be difficult, emotional and can leave you feeling anxious and inadequate.  During this emotional rollercoaster, your CONFIDENCE and SELF-WORTH can take a knock.

As you jump head first onto the rocky road of motherhood, you are always putting your children first – meeting their needs, encouraging their successes and helping them to make the right choices.  You feel everything they feel, but in doing this, your self-esteem bobs up and down and can leave you feeling inadequate and fearful of the unknown, especially when it comes to returning to work.

To support you through this transition, I help you to have a much-needed boost of confidence and feel better equipped to handle any challenges that lie ahead, returning to work WITHOUT the bump!

What Is Mentoring?

Essentially, I listen to understand what you want and pinpoint where your specific challenges are, then we design a roadmap to readiness all of your own and empower you to disassociate from the “I can’t” mind-set.  I motivate you to work towards and look forward to achieving new goals and help you to create empowering visions and beliefs that YOU want.

This is what makes my 1:1 Mentoring Program bespoke – just for you.

This Is For You If…

  • You feel overwhelmed, unprepared, scared and anxious about your transition from motherhood to working mother
  • You want to get crystal clear on what you want and how you want it to work
  • You are committed to work to reach your goals and aspirations
  • You want support, accountability, and guidance.
  • You want the mental tools to succeed.

What is The Process Like?

This program consists of 3 x 60-120 minute 1:1 online sessions (via Zoom) with a 30 minute weekly catch-up session.  The process helps to keep you focused on your different challenge areas, identifying root cause of your issues and the pains and the gain associated with the  scenarios.

I help you to discover your own wisdom by devoting my time in familiarising myself with you – who you are now, who you want to be and what your objectives are as you think about your transition back in your workplace with a new-found passion, purpose and posture. 

120 Minutes Session – This initial session is designed to gain a deeper clarity with what you want your life in work and at home to look like and to gain a clear picture of your challenges, so that you can then take the best course of action and start to map out a road to readiness for yourself.
60 Minutes Session – A review of month one and a deep dive into your biggest obstacles and challenges.
60 Minutes Session – Understand what drives you and the implications of this on your behaviour, communication, relationships and work style

Mentoring Program

3 Month Mentoring Program

A transformational mentoring program for mothers who are committed to creating a smooth transition as they return to work.  You will be empowered with a bespoke action plan, build a positive and winning mindset and adopt mental strategies for success. You’ll discover what’s been holding you back in life, the things that make you ‘you’, and what ignites your passion. You’ll get rid of the shackles that keep you stuck where you are now so that you can create a new and improved confidence and self belief.

About Me

Prior to starting my own mentoring business and pre-children, I was working for a bluechip financial organisation and was steadily climbing the ranks within this corporate world and I was enjoying working as a lead facilitator within the property division.  After having my two daughters, I returned to the same job full-time and endured the one standard return to work interview and I didn’t feel I could reveal how I was truly feeling, so I didn’t.  I was then never asked again about how I was adjusting to going back to work but given an HR number to call where I could speak to a young girl (who was not a mother).  

As a result, over the next two years, I became very ill, my marriage broke down and I was forced to go off sick.  The long and short of my story is that I was diagnosed with post-natal depression but just hadn’t realised that the symptoms I was experiencing were actually quite normal, but I felt totally unsupported throughout this time.

I felt I had no other option (because none were offered to me) so I resigned and did what a lot of other mothers do and find a job role which would allow me to work around the children’s nursery/school hours.  But, of course, with this came a massive drop in income, responsibility and a lack of sense of purpose and so this created a whole host of other negative beliefs about myself and my self-worth and another negative decline in my confidence.  It was the recurring signs of depression which alerted me to the fact that I needed to realign my purpose with something that I was really passionate about and where I could make a real difference and that’s why I chose to help Mothers, just like me.

Fast forward 5 years and I now offer my support to mothers as a Mentor with my 3-month Mentoring program and I speak very openly and honestly about my experience as a Mother who had her second child that didn’t sleep for years, a Mother who took her relationship to the brink of divorce and a Mother who experienced a very normal and very common mental health disorder and survived.

Read More About Me

I help mothers who have all or some of these negative feelings, thoughts and behaviours about returning to work, but they have me as their private ‘HR buddy’ because that’s what was missing for me back then…that was what was missing.

Because I can fully understand and empathise with what they are feeling and experiencing, I help them to unlock more confidence in themselves and show them how they can reclaim their own identity, so they’re not ‘just Mum’ but they can reignite a sense of success by achieving in their career and help them to get that equal balance at home and in work without the exhaustion, guilt and anxiety.

My talk, ‘Behind the Smiles’, is my raw and authentic story of being on the Motherhood merry-go-round and desperately trying to find the break pedal!  I break the stigma associated with talking openly about post-natal depression and the role of women returning to work and the impact that having children has on your mind, your emotions, your relationships, your communications and your behaviours.


“​Before I met Julie, I was stuck in what I was doing.  I felt like I was failing in my job but I couldn’t see a way out and so I was just going round in circles, making myself ill and as time went on, it started to affect my relationships with my husband, my children and with myself.   I could see how others could live happy, fulfilling lives, but I couldn’t make it happen for myself.  Julie gave me the inspiration and encouragement to empower myself to explore the possibility of taking my career down another road and the confirmation that I can make it work.  I hadn’t realized until I met Julie, but I had also forgotten how to enjoy myself and even forgotten how to laugh.  I now have a a more exciting timeline that I have the courage to explore fully as I Julie helped me see my future with fresh sparkly eyes.” Kelly W

Learning Support

“When I first talked to Julie, I could tell right away how empathetic and caring she is.  Upon our conversations, I felt comforted and stronger due to the positive and empowering words she expressed towards my work situation. Julie has an impact on the way I deal with life’s struggles and tackling issues relating to anxiety.  I felt so comfortable sharing my feelings with her and I know now that whenever I am need of some help to see a different perspective, Julie is the person I can count on because she is so understanding, inspiring and incredibly wise. Julie is an amazing lady!” Jodie N

Specialist Teaching Assistant

“Julie is a breath of fresh air in today’s world. She’s like your own personal HR buddy!  Her passion, knowledge and ability to truly listen means she’s able to give you absolute clarity on what you want to achieve.

Julie will get the heart of the matter so you can find out who you are, what your blocks are and become who you were meant to be. Her nature makes it possible for her to establish strong rapport with whomever she crosses paths with and I highly recommend Julie for anyone who struggles with self-belief or self-esteem.” Clare T

Dog Groomer

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Start Creating Your Own Smooth Transition Today!

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