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I’m Julie Hartell

1:1 Mentor & Keynote Speaker

I help mothers returning to their career after motherhood to reclaim their identity, build their confidence and recognise their real self-worth with my step-by-step career kick-start strategy, one-to-one support and performance mindset mentoring.

1:1 Mentoring

My 3-month “Reignited & Returning” mentoring program supports you in your transition back into your professional career by making your goals clear and, with me as your extra security blanket, you’ll have my full support regardless of the infrastructure in your workplace.

I lived through the challenging scenarios when returning to work – the dreaded sleep deprivation can fuel your exhaustion, guilt, anxiety and when you add a dose of doubt into the mix, it”s a recipe for causing havoc with your hormones!  So let’s unlock more confidence and belief in yourself so you can stride back into work with an overwhelming sense of self-assurance allowing you to achieve your career and life goals with conviction and certainty.

Keynote Speaking

My talk, ‘Behind the Smiles’, is my powerfully raw, honest and authentic story of being on the Motherhood merry-go-round and desperately trying to step off safely without being plunged into yet another parental perplexity!

This is an uncompromising portrait of the internal struggles of a chaotic mind of a normal mother living with post-natal depression, hidden behind gritted teeth.

I not only bust open the myth about women transitioning and returning to their workplace, but also the impact that this juggling act of “motherhood and their career” has on their mindset, their emotions, their relationships, their communication and their behaviours.



When you embrace motherhood, it is normal to feel like you’ve lost a sense of who you are…your IDENTITY alters.  This is similar to the grieving process when you lose a loved one. The first stage is denial, then anger and finally frustration.

You are relentlessly caring for others and not yourself, so really motherhood should be called ‘otherhood’ because you”re always putting yourself last on the list. 



Having a VISION is a lot like creating a shopping list.  You decide ahead of time what you want so that as you wander through the years, you only add things to your life that match your ‘shopping list for life.’

Allowing yourself to have a VISION will help you to make wise decisions that benefit you and your family, so I help you to put yourself first and take the opportunity to think about your VISION and not get distracted by the day to day ‘stuff’ going on around you. 



Are you on a SELF-ESTEEM rollercoaster? Leaving your children to return to work can be difficult, emotional and can leave you feeling anxious and inadequate.  During this emotional rollercoaster, your CONFIDENCE and SELF-WORTH can take a knock.

As you jump head first onto the rocky road of motherhood, you are always putting your children first – meeting their needs, encouraging their successes and helping them to make the right choices. 

This Is For You If…

  • You feel overwhelmed, unprepared, scared and anxious about your transition from motherhood to working mother.
  • You want to get crystal clear on what you want and how you want it to work.
  • You are committed to work to reach your goals and aspirations.
  • You want accountability, and guidance with someone who knows what”s in your head!
  • You want the mental tools to succeed and a step-by-step strategy that actually works!
  • You want world class one-to-one support.
  • You want performance mindset mentoring.

What is The Process Like?

I won’t beat around the bush here, mentoring is like being able to go to the bathroom, alone, without a small child in the same room or calling your name!  I mean…when does THAT ever happen??  Mentoring is YOU time.  Thirteen uninterrupted, blissful online sessions in which we’ll focus on just YOU and yes, I know that concept seems pretty weird or damn near impossible, but that’s what we’ll be doing.

I’ll take time to really listen to all the stuff that’s whizzing around in your head, your worries, thoughts and feelings.  Basically, we’ll get to grips with your ‘mindset gremlins’ and with your desire and motivation for taking back control, mentoring will help you combat those cunning little gremlins, keep you focused and on track!

So, are YOU ready to sky-rocket your self-belief and self-confidence and create a killer return-to-work action plan?


Week 1 – 120 Minutes Session – This initial session is designed to gain a deeper clarity with what you want your life in work and at home to look like and to gain a clear picture of your challenges, so that you can then take the best course of action and start to map out a road to readiness for yourself.

Week 2 – 30 Minutes Session – Catch-up Call

Week 3 – 30 Minutes Session – Catch-up Call

Week 4 – 30 Minutes Session – Catch-up Call



Week 5 – 60 Minutes Session – A review of month one and a deeper dive into your biggest obstacles and challenges.

Week 6 – 30 Minutes Session – Catch-up Call

Week 7 – 30 Minutes Session – Catch-up Call

Week 8 – 30 Minutes Session – Catch-up Call


Week 9 – 60 Minutes Session – Understand what drives you and the implications of this on your behaviour, communication, relationships and work style.

Week 10 – 30 Minutes Session – Catch-up Call

Week 11 – 30 Minutes Session – Catch-up Call

Week 12 – 30 Minutes Session – Catch-up Call

Week 13 – 60 Minutes Session – An opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate your achievements, refuel your enthusiasm tank and be the AWESOME MOTHER you are, who is now working it and balancing the roles and responsibilities, at work AND at home.


About Me

Being a Mum is flippen’ hard…in fact, let me be brutally honest now, why does NO ONE tell you what you need to know BEFORE you decide to have children?

Why is there this secret society of tired, but knowing, rolling eyes and fake smiles between mothers who are deeply rooted within their motherhood journey?  There is so much I wish I’d known prior to having my first child because the vision in my head was NOTHING like the harsh, exhausting reality.  And boy – did that vision get smashed into a kazillion pieces when child number two came along!

My perception of motherhood was that I would be completely prepared.  I’d be the supermum that would ‘make it work.’  I would be in control and not let my personality alter.  I was determined not to let my children change us or impact our lives in a negative way and I was really looking forward to having my maternity time off to ‘have a rest’ from my full-time corporate job and ‘prepare for motherhood’ my way.

As I write this, I say ‘I’ because whether or not you have a partner or husband, you still feel that YOU, as the Mother, always knows best and you go on this journey internalising A LOT of b*llocks, so yes – it CAN feel like you’re on this rickety old rollercoaster on your own, waving at your partner to press the damn emergency stop button but they’re off in their own little world, internalising their own dark pot of depressing thoughts about how their wife and their own life has changed.

Now, you’ll probably relate to this, but when the time came for baby number one to arrive, because of my single-minded stubbornness to do things ‘our way and on our own’, I declined advice and help from others.  But, actually, mothers get SO much advice without asking from friends and family who ‘just want to help’, that for some mothers, it can actually make you close down and shut yourself away from the world, because you know your children better than anyone else, so you know what’s the right thing for them – am I right?  I used to filter those pieces of advice and secretly try what they had suggested and internalise a smug ‘told you so’ when whatever it was they suggested didn’t work.

So, when we decided to have baby number two soon after baby number one, I thought…okay…now I get it…now I know to be REALLY prepared.  Then baby number two came along…and it was a like a ten tonne truck hitting me.

With two kids under the age of three and riding the wave of maternity leave, I did the normal meet-ups with other mums at similar stages of motherhood.  I connected with the various support groups, kids’ play and sing sessions, mothers crying over coffee time and I made life-long friends that I still have today.

But during those months, no one told me that I could still feel isolated, yet I could go out and socialise.  I felt physically exhausted, yet I could sleep when my baby slept.  I was mentally drained doing the same thing over and over again, yet I could have reached out and asked for help.  I doubted that was I was doing was the best thing for my baby, yet I could have opened up about my thoughts to other mums.  I felt guilty for not going out of the house some days, yet I could have just stopped putting that additional pressure on myself.

Our second bundle of joy was nothing like our first and no one tells you that despite you parenting them exactly the same, your second baby journey can be completely different.  Our second was a non-sleeper, a non-keeper of keeping food down and had a cry that would went right through you and of course, she was needy as hell, but just for me.  So that vision of my life not altering and my personality not being affected, that got thrown right out the window and I became angry and unreasonable mum and frustrated and feisty wife until I soon became someone my husband and I no longer recognised.

Towards the end of my maternity leave and after some expert sleep intervention from a self-help book for getting your babies to sleep, I then started to stress about going back to work.  How would someone else look after children like I did?  How could I ensure they would nap in the day?  What if one of my children was the one that all the other mums hated (because our second was proving to be a right little madam!)  And what about me going back to full time work?  How was that going to work?  Was my job still the same?  What if processes had changed?  How would I be able to do my job when I’d had all this time off?  What time would I need to leave to drop the kids off at nursery and then what time would I need to leave the office to get to be in time for kids’ pickup and avoid the late penalty?  I felt like I had lost the skills I needed to do what I used to do?  Why does no-one understand what I’m going through?  Why do I feel so alone?  Why do I feel like the new person starting a new job?  ARGH!!!!!!!

And let me remind you, I had taken on this new impatient and angry identity…so effectively I wasn’t returning to work…this was a new person going back to an alien environment who had flashes of her time working there, but wasn’t feeling fully prepared to make this giant leap back into her old work shoes because they didn’t seem to fit anymore.

The process for my return to work was pretty clinical.  I endured the one standard return to work interview and although I was asked ‘how are you?’  I didn”t feel I could reveal how I was truly feeling because the person infront of me was young and I assumed she wouldn’t have a clue what was whizzing around in my head at that moment, so I just smiled.  I was then never asked again about how I was adjusting to going back to work but given an HR number to call which transferred me to a voicemail.  Standard.

Back in my work saddle and during the two years that followed, I became very ill…I kept crying and not knowing why.  I couldn’t explain what was going in my head at home or in work and I was totally irrational.  My marriage was on the rocks and I was forced to go off sick.  The long and short of my story is that I was after some time and being forced to seek help, I was diagnosed with post-natal depression.  I just hadn”t realised that the symptoms I was experiencing were actually quite normal for a mother, but no one warned me that was normal.  No one.

After a period off sick to heal my mind, my body and my marriage, I felt I had no other option (because none were offered to me) but to resign from my full-time, well paid, corporate job and I did what a lot of other mothers do.  I put my kids needs first and decided to look for an alternative job which would allow me to work around the children”s nursery/school hours.  But, of course, with this came a massive drop in income, responsibility and a lack of sense of purpose and so in time, this created a whole host of other negative beliefs about my self-worth and my ability so my self-confidence and our income took a massive nose-dive.  It was the recurring signs of depression that started to resurface which alerted me to the fact that I’d made a mistake changing my job.

I was missing the challenge and a sense of purpose but I needed to realign my purpose with something that I was really passionate about and feel like I was really making a real difference.  I made the decision to put MY needs first on the list for a change and chose to use my life experience of motherhood and postnatal depression and turn the negatives into a positive by helping and supporting those super awesome mums, who are just like me.

Wouldn’t you like to feel prepared for your transition back into your workplace and feel like you’re supported and listened to throughout your return to work journey?  Wouldn’t you like to get rid of any guilt gremlins and the whirling air of doubt and stride back into your workplace with your head held high feeling confident, organised and ready to take on the world? 

Yes?  Well then – we need to talk.


“​Before I met Julie, I was stuck in what I was doing.  I felt like I was failing in my job but I couldn’t see a way out and so I was just going round in circles, making myself ill and as time went on, it started to affect my relationships with my husband, my children and with myself.   I could see how others could live happy, fulfilling lives, but I couldn”t make it happen for myself.  Julie gave me the inspiration and encouragement to empower myself to explore the possibility of taking my career down another road and the confirmation that I can make it work.  I hadn’t realized until I met Julie, but I had also forgotten how to enjoy myself and even forgotten how to laugh.  I now have a a more exciting timeline that I have the courage to explore fully as I Julie helped me see my future with fresh sparkly eyes.”

Kelly W

Learning Support

“When I first talked to Julie, I could tell right away how empathetic and caring she is.  Upon our conversations, I felt comforted and stronger due to the positive and empowering words she expressed towards my work situation. Julie has an impact on the way I deal with life’s struggles and tackling issues relating to anxiety.  I felt so comfortable sharing my feelings with her and I know now that whenever I am need of some help to see a different perspective, Julie is the person I can count on because she is so understanding, inspiring and incredibly wise. Julie is an amazing lady!” Jodie N

Specialist Teaching Assistant

“Julie is a breath of fresh air in today’s world. She”s like your own personal HR buddy!  Her passion, knowledge and ability to truly listen means she’s able to give you absolute clarity on what you want to achieve.Julie will get the heart of the matter so you can find out who you are, what your blocks are and become who you were meant to be. Her nature makes it possible for her to establish strong rapport with whomever she crosses paths with and I highly recommend Julie for anyone who struggles with self-belief or self-esteem.” Clare T

Dog Groomer

3 Month “Reignited & Returning” Mentoring Program

Your Investment – £827

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